GATE CS 2020 Key with Detailed Solutions

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Please note that Technical questions 1-25 carry 1 Mark each and 26-55 carry 2Marks each

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  • The video lectures are so well constructed and designed that the students opting for the course do not need to worry about the prerequisites as all the subjects are being taught from fundamentals.

  • The instructor of the subjects is Chekuri Srikanth Verma (GATE AIR - 2, Masters from IISC Bangalore, 9+ years of Experience at Yahoo Labs, Amazon, etc.), MalliKarjun Rao (20+ experience with GATE) and Laxman (10+ experience with GATE).

  • Query Resolution and Mentorship provided by experts from IISC, IIITs, IITs Alumni, etc.

  • Query resolution within 3 - 4 working hours (10:00 AM - 08:30 PM daily including Sundays as well).

  • The practice test is taken topic wise and subjects wise in between and after the subject.

  • A personalized schedule shall be provided to all on request.

  • Test Series with unique questions are included within the course.

  • You can join us at our live sessions being held on YouTube.

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Data Structures and Algorithms

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C Programming

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Engineering & Discrete Mathematics

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Database Management Systems

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Operating Systems

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Computer Organization

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TOC & Compiler Design

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Computer Networks

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